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FTSE 100 higher as Burberry falls

The FTSE 100 ends the day at 7,000 points and the pound rises, but shares in Burberry fall following its latest trading update. Source: News feed

Annuity re-selling plans abandoned by government

The government has abandoned its plans to let pensioners raise money by selling their annuities to insurance firms. Source: News feed

Airports expansion decision 'next year'

A decision on whether to give the go-ahead to Heathrow or Gatwick expansion will not be taken for another year, it emerges. Source: News feed

Cold tomatoes just aren't as good — and that's a scientific fact

Scientists have figured out why tomatoes lose their flavour in the fridge — it’s because some of their genes chill out. Source: Technology feed

Eurostar to cut services from December

Eurostar is to drop a number of services from December as it introduces longer trains, with 80 jobs set to be lost. Source: News feed

U.S. building robot co-pilots that don't panic or get tired

Government and industry officials say they are collaborating on an effort to replace the second human pilot in two-person flight crews with robot co-pilots that...

UK inflation at 1% as price of clothes and fuel rises

Rising prices for clothes, hotel rooms and petrol have led to the highest rate of inflation in nearly two years, official figures show. Source: News feed

Goldman Sachs sees profits soar to $2.1bn

US investment bank Goldman Sachs reports a 58% rise in its profits for the third quarter of the year. Source: News feed


British Vogue

Spring/Summer 2017: Backstage Beauty Go close-up on the best hair and make-up from the spring/summer 2017 fashion shows in New York, Milan and London. By Lisa N...

Supermodels, Insta Stars, and the Biggest News of Milan Fashion Week

Supermodels, Insta Stars, and the Biggest News of Milan Fashion Week SEPTEMBER 26, 2016   EXPAND Photo: Kim WestonArnold / Milan Fashion Week ...


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